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        The college’s mission is to work to make it an educational and research institution that keeps pace with global developments in the field of preparing and qualifying students in terms of knowledge and practice in the fields of administrative, accounting and economic sciences related to work and scientific research requirements.

This college, which was established for the academic year 2012-2013, includes four scientific departments: economics, financial & banking sciences, accounting and business administration, as well as having a higher diploma in strategic planning.

The College of Administration and Economics is distinguished by the existence of an elite group of highly qualified crew having sophisticated degrees , such as professor and assistant professor, distributed over different and precise specializations, and they have the ability to provide academic programs and the sobriety of scientific research aimed at studying community problems, diagnosing their causes and developing appropriate solutions to them.

The College accepts approximately (500) students annually, graduates of high school, occupational school  and the top graduates of technical administrative institute, in addition to having evening studies in two scientific departments: the Department of Financial & Banking Sciences and the Department of Business Administration

The college is distinguished by the existence of an integrated building for the scientific and administrative departments and a student club

Dean of the College

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