The Goals Of The College


  1. Providing community institutions with qualified cadres with solid scientific foundations in economic, administrative and financial specializations, which can constitute an important tributary to achieving sustainable economic development at the level of the province and Iraq as a whole.
  1. Enriching the province with specialized scientific studies and research that can help solve many economic, financial and administrative problems.
  1. Raising the level of job performance skills in government departments, the private sector and other sectors in the relevant fields and qualifying them scientifically and professionally to fulfill the requirements of their duties.
  1. Contribute to developing the banking and financial sector in the province and Iraq as a whole.
  1. Increasing awareness of the importance of economic, administrative and financial sciences in a way that achieves efficiency and effectiveness in using resources, achieving general goals, and disseminating the scientific , practical knowledge, concepts, and behaviors related to integrity, transparency, accountability, good governance, and combating financial and administrative corruption in all its forms.

The Message

        The mission of the College of Administration and Economics is embodied by working to make it a research educational institution that keeps pace with global developments in the field of preparing and qualifying students cognitively and practically in the fields of administrative, accounting and economic sciences related to work requirements and scientific research by providing the appropriate educational environment for students and researchers to acquire knowledge and scientific research skills to build superior national capabilities .


           The College of Administration and Economics seeks to build a distinguished academic research educational institution that occupies a prominent place among the corresponding colleges at the local, regional and international levels through the distinction and excellent  quality of the academic programs that it offers and the sobriety of scientific research aimed at studying the problems of society, diagnosing their causes and developing appropriate solutions to them

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